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I'm a speaker and the face of HOFNOD for 2016 2017!

 The goal of this program is to introduce youth to the fun and excitement of fishing, and to engage them in meaningful life skills, so that they also can imagine unlimited possibilities for themselves. AJ-Max is a perfect example of a young leader who teaches kids about keeping the planet clean and helps kids get into fishing, we are proud to have him involved with our program - Liz Jackson, HOFNOD Coordinator...


Read more has incredible top quality products. I have tested 5 other so called top product brands and they have not held up to the lights from BestLight. From HeadLamps to Handheld underwater flashlights checkout my reviews.

Educate - Inspire - Enable

OCEARCH is a recognized world leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking (telemetry) and biological studies of keystone marine species such as great white and tiger sharks, in conjunction with conservation outreach and education at a measurable global scale....

I use nothing but PENN Reels

My entire reel collection is made of up different types of Penn Reels. I really believe in the quality and they have always made it through rough fishing times..

My Uncles-My Dad-My GreatGrandfather

Fishing runs many generations in my family. I have been taught tips and tricks by some of the greatest anglers in the industry both professional and local. Everything that my father learned from my great gandfather he passed down to me. Now I'm doing the same with kids nationwide.

Jack Donlon

Jack Donlon runs some of the best tournaments that there are. Not only are they legit but he also takes donations and then turns around and gives away fishing tackle and gear to kids who never fished before. We need more people like this who can organize great tournaments and then also helps kids get involved with fishing...

Dman Extreme Productions

My older brother Dorian handles all of my videos and editing along with taking all of my photos. He is also responsible for designing this bad ass website right here. No matter where I go he is with me fiming and taking pictures to document the events. If you need a website and or video production go checkout his website....

Fishing near the Statue of Liberty!

I caught a monster Striper Bass right in front of the Statue of Liberty this season. It was very hard to fish there with all of the tugboats, ferry boats, and Coast Guard but we had a great time! Just click to watch the video!.

Are you man enough? Shark Tournament 2016

The Are you man enough shark tournament this year was lots of fun. I will definitely be in next years tourney as well. There were lots of boats and lots of keepers registered...

Cooking&Grilling is what I do!

I have a selection of mouth watering picures on my Twitter and Facebook pages. I like to use the smoker and grill just about everything checkoutome of my pictures and videos and if you need any advice just email me....

Fishing is great!

In 2017 I want to teach at least 10,000 kids how to fish. I will be focusing on tournaments and spreading the clean ocean word around the nation..

Help us Teach thousands of kids how to fish!

Our fishing pole loaner program passed in NEW JERSEY now we need your help to get fishing into libraries, middle schools and highschools in New Jersey..

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Private Fishing Charters


If you run a private fishing charter then we are are looking for you.

We are looking to film fishing trips all over the United States. We will promote your charter and provide a finished edited video of our journey. Our goal is to film as many private charters all around the US as possible.




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