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If you run a private fishing charter then we are are looking for you or you simply want to get together and fish and get some awesome footage to create a video with then we are here. We will bring the cameras and after we are done we will come back to the studio and get to editing up a cool video for your brand and or just for our trip.

We are looking to film fishing trips all over the United States. We will promote your charter and provide a finished edited video of our journey. Our goal is to film as many private charters and as many trips with people as we can all around the US as possible.



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Hello! Welcome to the website. My name is AJ-Max and fishing is my game! Whether it's catching giant large mouth bass out of hidden bass holes in the woods or pulling in Striper Bass out of the surf; if it's fish in water, I can catch it! My fishing experience and education comes from 3 generations of fishermen in my family. I have been taught tips and tricks that mean the difference between catching fish and not catching anything. I have been taught certain tricks of the trade that go back to my great grandfather Bob Simons from Ocean Twp NJ. I love to learn from the professionals in the industry and I also pass the knowledge down to other kids my age. I have caught many different types of fish and when I am not fishing I am basically picking up trash along the ocean and or in near by lakes. I believe in clean water and protecting the earths resources. Maybe one day we can make fishing an actual class in local schools. Most people have never caught a fish in their life and do not know what the feeling is like. My goal is to teach people of all ages what was taught to me by my father and his grandfather before him. Some people who fish like to hide their fishing holes, especially their favorites. Not me! Some won't tell you where they caught The Big One. I will! I feel that by sharing my success in fishing it will help expand the sport. I am the winner of the 2016 New Jersey Governors tournament for the teen group. It wa smy first tournament and my first win. I plan on joining many other different types of tournaments coming up. I'm the fisherman of the future!

Hello. My name is Dorian, otherwise known as Dmanextreme. I've been a member of the technical world ever since I got my first computer at a young age, and ever since then I've been hooked. I know my way around most tech and can fix just about anything.

I provide Website Design, Graphics, Video & Audio Production. I am responsible for everything that is on the internet including setting up all of the social network platforms along with filming and editing each and every video that you see my brother in.

When you use my services, you are guaranteed polite, professional service with support for your site, social media, etc. If you have a problem with your site, social media, or server, you can contact me from 10AM to 10PM on any day of the week, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Nothing is more important to me than providing the best, most efficient service possible, no matter the circumstances. I take my business and brand very seriously and if you feel you have been inconvenienced or in some other way wronged, then feel free to contact me so that we can resolve the issue.