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Welcome to our Private Newsletter VIP group. Our Newsletter is unlike many others out there in the world. Our information is for Freshwater, Onshore and Offshore locations. The information we share is not guessing, it's not from Facebook photos, it is information that we get directly from personal relationships that we have in the industry. YOU WILL CATCH FISH! Along with great information you will also have the following benefits. *Discounts at your local Bait Store *You can only win our Give Aways if you are a member *You will have access to Charters at a discount prices *You will always be pointed to someone who will help you catch fish *We even have fishing lessons available to you and your family *We know many fishing guide services.
DAILY Contact with Us
By signing up for our BI-Weekly NEWSLETTER you will also be able to contact us each and every day to get daily updates if you are going out fishing in between the NEWSLETTER dates. We will be available by email, by phone, or by Facebook to answer any questions you might have.
THE COST OF THE MEMBERSHIP! "IMPORTANT" You must be accepted as a member, this NewsLetter is NOT public! Before you can pay for your Membership you must get authorized by the owners. Contact us at the email below to get started!
The cost of the membership is $30 Per Month or $300 for the year which saves you $60 if you purchase by the year.